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What's New

The pizzeria and the Bucksnort open back up recently.

All is now good.  LOL




Current News

Where are you summer???

Summer is almost here and it is the end of July!!!  Sad!!!




Recent Events

Took a couple of new wave runners up on the 19th of July.

The weather was perfect for playing on the water.





A Few suggested links to check out.

  • Dad's Internment  Internment of our father, CWO Floyd Parks
  • Click to see video of our fathers internment ceremony at Great Lakes National Cemetary in Holly Mi on April 2, 2009. Dad died March 7, 1997 of congestive heart failure. He served 26 years and retired from the U.S. Army.


  • Weather  Mesick Area Weather
  • Click above to check Mesick area weather.


  •  Everyone's Favorite Websites  News, Weather, Sports, Search engines, Try it out....

    Click above to visit "


  • Parks Blog  Family Blog 

    Click above to visit the Parks Family Blog


  • Google Search  Google Search

    Click to Google it.


  • Cabin Camera  Click to view Live Camera in Mesick

    To use above Live Camera link, you will (the first time only) have to let the program download a active-x control in order to use the first time. You then click in the “click to continue” box when prompted. To enter the log on screen. When you arrive at the log on screen, enter “cabin as the user name and “mesick as the password. Then click on connect now.  You should then get to a screen where you can click on any one of 5 cameras.  Sometimes it takes a minute or so to connect to the server and sometimes it won’t. Good luck.